KONINCK’ “ROYAL WEAVES” is a collection of uniquely woven and designed curtain fabrics, upholstery fabrics and wall coverings, inspired by the “Golden Ages”. Our fabrics illustrate a period of luxurious lifestyles, where interior design became a reflection of ones achievements.

The uniqueness of our “ROYAL WEAVES” collection lays in our ability to play with combinations of colours, designs and textures, that enhance and complement each other, and which are both versatile and timeless, whilst remaining adaptable to both modern and classic interiors.

Koninck Book Brown Black

Brown | Black

Koninck Book Silver Sand

Silver Sand

Koninck Book Burnt Orange Copper

Burnt Orange | Copper

Koninck Book Red

Red | Raspberry | Violet

Koninck Book Celadon Duck

Celadon | Duck Egg

Koninck Book Rich Lime

Rich Lime

Koninck Book Classic Blue

Classic Blue

Koninck Book Goldish

Goldish Bronze

Koninck Book Ivory


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